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About Us

  Established in 1995 with private capital only, Pegas LTD. operates in the field of timber construction and woodworking, including the production of wooden houses, buildings on wooden structure, doors, windows, terraces, patios, pavilions, garden furniture and a number of other wooden products.

Quality wooden houses at affordable prices

  Customer satisfaction, product quality and the pure professionalism of our team gained us recognition in countries like France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and of course Romania.

  Since the beginnings, our company has built over 350 houses.
The main raw material used by us is pine, wich due to our region's climate, has a higher density and resin content. Over time, these characteristics have proven their benefits and so, pine can be used with confidence in house structures, as well as for cover materials, doors and windows manufactured by us.
All wooden materials used by us are dried in a controlled environment before further processing, thereby reducing subsequent deformation. At the same time, we also use high pressure treatment for materials that will later be exposed to greater environmental impact.

  Our customers can benefit from our professional advice, free of charge, to get trustworthy help in choosing the ideal type of building, the most appropiate structure and techniques.

Don't hesitate to call us, or Write to Us and share your ideas, so we can create the wooden house of your dreams.
We can also be found in Ciumani, Harghita County, the „heart” of woodworking industry.

The best selected wood materials, outstanding expertise, guaranteed quality.

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